Portugal vacation tips

Portugal vacation tips

Portugal is a popular holiday destination. The country has a lot to offer. It is not a bad idea to read about the country in advance. For example, it is wise to look up the right Portugal vacation tips. Fortunately, you have come to the right place for this. We know exactly what you can do best when you are on holiday in Portugal. You will never be bored if you do not forget our Portugal vacation tips. We of course know the area best and therefore know exactly where you need to be.

Tip 1: Explore nature

When in Portugal, it’s best to visit a number of the nature reserves. Mata da Margaraça, for example, is a beautiful nature reserve, and it’s located near Quinta da Palmeira. Here you see the nature of Portugal at its best. Mata da Margaraça has many beautiful streams, waterfalls and greenery. It is a popular nature reserve among walkers. During a walk through Mata da Margaraça you can completely relax. You can also enjoy the view and the tranquillity. Yet Mata da Margaraça is certainly not the only beautiful nature reserve in the area. Portugal is a country that has a lot to offer for hikers and nature lovers

Tip 2: Visit Porto

Porto is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. It is a large port city and the city is best known for the port that is produced there. Port is a wine from Portugal. The wine is especially recommended for people who love sweet wine. Nowhere else would Port be as tasty as in Porto. One of our Portugal vacation tips is: drink a glass of port in Porto. Incidentally, this city has much more to offer. You’ll never get bored in this city.

Tip 3: Lisbon

One of the Portugal vacation tips that should not be missed is of course visiting Lisbon. This is the capital of Portugal. In this beautiful city alone you could enjoy yourself for weeks. Here you can enjoy fantastic shopping and going out, as well as enjoying Portuguese cuisine. There’s a lot to do here. If you are a museum enthusiast, you should also visit this city. There are more than enough museums that are worth a visit.

Tip 4: Stay at Quinta da Palmeira

In Portugal? Then you should consider staying with us. Quinta da Palmeira is a beautiful country house. The location makes this the ideal stopover when traveling from Lisbon to Porto, or vice versa. Nowhere else can you sleep as well as at Quinta da Palmeira. Here you will always sleep in a clean and hygienic environment. We ensure that you are welcomed in a hospitable manner. Are you planning to stay in Portugal during your vacation? Then this is the most important of the Portugal vacation tips: choose an overnight stay at Quinta da Palmeira.

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