Portugal vacation tips

Portugal vacation tips

Don’t yet know where you want to go during your vacation this year? Portugal is the ideal holiday destination for many people. However, you should first know what Portugal all has to offer. At Quinta da Palmeira we know exactly which Portugal vacation tips you need for a fantastic experience. We have listed the best tips for you, so that you will never be bored during your holiday in Portugal. At Quinta da Palmeira we are well informed of all activities and sights to see.

Tip 1: Visit the following cities

There are a number of cities that you should not miss if you are staying in Portugal during your vacation. These are actually three holiday Portugal tips, since the cities all have very different things to offer. For example, you can drink the best port in Porto. Enjoying this wine is nowhere else as good as in Porto. Do you want to be able to go out and enjoy what Portugal has to offer in the culinary field? Then the capital of Lisbon is recommended. The capital also has a lot to offer in the cultural field. For example, you can visit a number of the museums there.

Sintra is another beautiful city. This city can not be compared with the previous cities. What makes it so unique? The beautiful castles and palaces that this city is full of! Few cities have as many castles and palaces as Sintra. Moreover, the palaces are also very colourful. A visit to this city should therefore not be missing among our Portugal vacation tips.

Tip 2: Enjoy the beautiful nature

Portugal has beautiful cities, but this is of course not the only thing it has to offer. The country has a beautiful climate and as a result also many fantastic nature reserves. Portugal has beautiful waterfalls, rivers, streams and the most beautiful forests. It is therefore a very popular holiday destination among nature lovers. Do you also like to walk? Then there are plenty of suitable natural areas for this as well in Portugal. For example, consider Mata de Margaraça. Visiting this nature reserve could already be one of the Portugal vacation tips in itself.

Tip 3: Choose the best place to spend the night

Portugal is of course beautiful, but you need to have a good place to spend the night. This of course applies to almost every holiday destination. In large cities such as Porto and Lisbon you can opt for luxury hotels. Are you in the area of Quinta da Palmeira? Then we advise you to spend the night with us, where you can be sure to spend the night in a clean room. Moreover, there are various activities that you can undertake in the vicinity of the country house. For example, you can choose to go horse riding through the beautiful surrounding villages and forests. You can also enjoy the view in our back garden. Are you staying during your holiday in Portugal? Then choose the ideal overnight stay at Quinta da Palmeira.

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