Portugal Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel in Portugal

Booking a nice Portugal boutique hotel is very popular. Portugal simply has a lot to offer. For example, the country has a beautiful climate. Portugal also has fantastic beaches and beautiful nature reserves. This makes the country very suitable for nature lovers or people who want a sun holiday. Portugal also has many cities where you can have fun. The capital Lisbon, for example, is popular with tourists. A great place where you can go out and shop. A boutique hotel in Portugal can be beautiful, but then you have to choose the right hotel. At Quinta da Palmeira we know Portugal perfectly. We are happy to give you a number of tips, so that you know which hotel to choose.

A boutique hotel in the city

In the big cities of Portugal you can always find a nice Portugal boutique hotel. In the capital Lisbon you can experience everything. It is therefore highly recommended to opt for a boutique hotel in the centre of Lisbon. In addition to Lisbon, Portugal has more beautiful cities where you can find hotels. For example, consider the city of Porto. This port city is particularly popular with tourists. The city is internationally renowned for the production of port, a sweet wine from Portugal. There are many more Portuguese cities where you can book a nice hotel.

Booking a hotel near a nature reserve

Enjoy walking a lot? Then you can also choose a boutique hotel in Portugal that is close to a nature reserve. Portugal has many different nature reserves where you can walk or cycle. Are you a fan of beautiful nature reserves and a romantic stay? Then a boutique hotel in Portugal may not necessarily the best option. You can also opt for an overnight stay at Quinta da Palmeira.

Quinta da Palmeira

You can also stay at Quinta da Palmeira when visiting Portugal. It can be for the entire holiday, or just a stopover. We are known for our hospitality and beautiful location; we are close to the Mata de Margaraça nature reserve, a perfect way to get to know Portuguese nature. There is much more to experience around our country house. For example, you can go horse riding or enjoy one of the beaches. The river Alva flows close to Quinta da Palmeira. This beautiful river has many small beaches that you can enjoy.

The nature around Quinta da Palmeira is beautiful, but you get the best service from us as well. You always sleep in a clean room and the main residence is well maintained, unlike many hotels. With us you can enjoy a cosy and peaceful atmosphere, just like you would with a boutique hotel in Portugal. Moreover, you will also be able to enjoy the tastiest breakfast you can find anywhere. The dishes we serve are made with ingredients from our own garden. We also have a wine cellar with the most delicious wines. Curious? Then come stay with us at Quinta da Palmeira.

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