Visit the Museum of Bread in Seia

The Museum of Bread (Museu do Pão), located in Serra da Estrela, is a private museum whose purpose is to collect, preserve, and display the objects and heritage of Portuguese bread in all its aspects: ethnography, politics, society, history, religion, and art.

The museum also includes visitor support areas intended to make your stay more pleasant: the Library-Bar, the Historic Market, and the restaurant. All of these spaces have the same theme as the Museum, and offer visitors a wide array of quality services and opportunities.


  • Guided Tours
  • Work done with bread dough (activity included in visit)
  • Thematic Workshops: Bread creation, Art made using dough
  • Scientific and educational activities using bread ingredients
  • Educational activities oriented around specific times of the year: Children’s Day, Arbor Day, Museum Day

The activities to be carried out are subject to prior scheduling

Close by

Created in 1992, the bread “Pão do Sabugueiro” is a true icon of the region of Seia. Baked on the community ovens of the welcoming village of Sabugueiro, this certified bread is not only mouth-watering, but also very good for your health! The brand produces several types of bread than can easily be bought throughout the country!

The Museum of Bread can be reached within a 50 minute drive from Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

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