Hiking in the largest natural park in Portugal, the Serra da Estrela

When the landscape is breathtaking… fancy stroll through it slowly. At Serra da Estrela time gets a new pace, through the winding paths and boulders that seem to perch in the air. The rush disappears in the altitude of the mountains, and calm accompanies us in the typical mountain villages, among the trees and along the waterways.

The largest mountain range in mainland Portugal makes us feel tiny at the sheer size of its imposing valleys, marked by the white ice of glaciers.

Visit the city of Seia, explore the village of Manteigas, enjoy the magnificent scenery of the village Sabugueiro, soak in the beauty of Lagoa Comprida, go to Penhas da Saúde and climb to Torre in search of fun in the snow. And while strolling through Serra da Estrela, explore the beautiful deserted areas in which it encloses most inhospitable corners. Discover a Portugal made of boulders, snow and lush landscapes out of sight.

Choose a path at Serra da Estrela. You can let yourself be charmed by the glacial valleys shaped 20,000 years ago by the ice  or proceed directly to Torre, to meet the snow and the only ski resort in the country. You can drive the winding mountain roads of Serra da Estrela or choose to make the recognition of the fauna and flora on a pedestrian walk. Whether you want to meditate in the silence of the mountain or to have an adventure with extreme sports, make the choice that best suits your taste and how you want to live Serra da Estrela.

Beyond Serra da Estrela, the region

More than a mountain, Serra da Estrela is a region. The Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela is divided between six municipalities, extending over 101,000 hectares of landscapes. To know the full extent of the park in detail, first make a visit to the Interpretation Centre of the Serra da Estrela, where technology and knowledge combine to give you the best information on this unique site. Then make your plan and discover! Start with a stroll through the Historical Villages. Or go for a visit to the Jewish quarters of the region. Stroll through the Border Castles tour. Or go to Celorico da Beira and learn how to make authentic Serra’s cheese. Let yourself be tempted by the tasting cheese, sausages and honey, unique delicacies of the region. Lose yourself among the magnificent colors and serenity of this mountainous landscape. Relax… No hurries.

Serra da Estrela Routes and Trails – truly unmissable hiking trails in Serra da Estrela:

  • Route: Javali e do Poço do Inferno (Manteigas)
  • Route/GPS Track: Rotas do Javali e do Poço do Inferno (Manteigas)
  • Route: Vale Glaciar (PR6 Manteigas)
  • Route/GPS Track: Trilho Rota Vale Glaciar (PR6 Manteigas)
  • Route: Maciço Central (PR5 Manteigas)
  • Route/GPS Track GPS: Rota do Maciço Central (PR5 Manteigas)
  • Route: Faias (PR13 Manteigas)
  • Route/GPS Track: Faias (PR13 Manteigas)
  • Route: Levada (Cabeça – Loriga)
  • Route/GPS Track: Rota da Levada (Cabeça – Loriga)
  • Route: Covão dos Conchos
  • Route/GPSTrack: Covão dos Conchos
  • Route: Vale do Rossim à Nave da Mestra

The entrance of the national park Serra da Estrela can be reached within a 45 minute drive from Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

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