Waterfalls at the protected landscape Fraga da Pena

The waterfall of the Fraga da Pena, is a Portuguese mountain cascade that is located in the vicinity of the village of Xisto de Benfeita, Arganil, District of Coimbra, Serra do Açor.

This cascade has origin in a geological one and is considered one of the greatest assets among the Natural resources of the protected landscape of the Serra do Açor

The waters that fall from this cascade run through a very tight valley in the mountain, thus giving rise to a micro landscape, which appears suddenly, endowed with abundant vegetation to cover the shale.

The gap of the Waterfall of Fraga da Pena, reaches the 20 meters of height. Their food comes from Barroca das Degraínhas, where they form a first sheet of water, which flow to another smaller and giving rise to another cascade.

In order to photograph the waterfall, it is necessary to enter through the water bed to a small “island” next to it.

An afternoon trip to Fraga da Pena in June

We parked our car on the main road and then walked a short distance of 200 metres to reach the waterfall. I love waterfalls, I’m not sure why but I just love listening to the sounds. What I really liked about this waterfall is the fact that you can park your car and walk less than 200 metres to see the glory. This is great for people with mobility difficulties as these people are usually excluded from seeing such beauty due to the distance, although it’s not suitable for wheelchair users.

The waterfall Fraga da Pena is absolutely stunning! A really lovely place for those who love nature, hiking and great for dog walking. It was so beautiful to just sit and watch the cascade of water with the sound of birds chirping away around us. All the mountains that surround this landscape make it truly unforgettable and romantic. You can take a dip in the natural spring waters if you feel brave. Although the weather is scorching hot, the water is very cold indeed. There were a few young people enjoying the waters. My toes and ankles got naked and took a little dip too. There are some lovely picnic benches made from wood and stone to rest on if needed and we took a home made picnic which was perfect to enjoy in the centre of such tranquillity. What amazed me the most was there was only about 15 people here including us. I love Portuguese people, they are so kind and peaceful people. It really was quite empty and I managed to take many photos without anybody in view shot.

There is a great hiking trail from Fraga da Pena to Pardieiros with panoramic views of the mountains along the way. Take the left of the waterfall and follow the trail which takes you through the water mills and you will find some more natural pools and a small waterfall. This place is tricky to find and up steep steps but it has a handrail. Continue on and follow the red arrow signs to Pardieiros, you won’t regret it. It might be worth wearing hiking boots as the trail is very rough terrain and there are fallen stones.

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This is a must visit place in Portugal. If you have the chance to give it a stop while driving around, please do it. You won’t be disappointed.

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Very beautiful place, hidden in the forest. It is perfect for an afternoon picnic. Very quiet and peaceful. The two waterfalls are very beautiful but the water is very cold. Only the brave can dive there. A secret spot and for us a must see.

The waterfall of the Fraga da Pena can be reached within 10 minutes by car from Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

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