Swimming, enjoying the sun and relax in the many river beaches in Rio Alva

The best river beaches in Arganil

Have you ever had the privilege of diving, on a hot summer day, in waters that on the colder months are surrounded by snow ? Not yet? Don’t waste any more time and get on your way. This is just one of the enriching experiences that you can enjoy when visiting the best river beaches in Arganil. There are incredible wonders of Nature on this list made for you.

Praia Fluvial de Foz D’Égua

A picturesque setting with arched stone bridges and mills, this river beach is found four kilometres from the village of Piódão in the centrally located mountains of the Serra do Açor.

A perfect spot to combine a hike with a refreshing dip, you can stroll down from the village of Piódão, sitting on a hilltop, to this secluded spot where two streams meet. Two shist granite bridges frame this river beach nestled between lush vegetation.

After a day frolicking around the cooling waters of Foz D’Égua, you could make your way into the village to look at the traditional dark stone houses made of schist with blue doors and window frames, and the stunning white and blue church of the village.

Praia Fluvial de Coja

This river beach is located at the village of Côja, where a waterfall separates the different sections of the river Alva, which also passes under a centennial bridge. A sandy area gives this swimming spot a real holiday vibe.

The weir built in the middle creates two nice swimming areas at the top and the bottom, with the bottom banks made up of sand for bathers to lounge right next to the water. The upper part can also be used for swimming and cooling off as well as e canoeing, petal boating or sport fishing.

Leaf trees flank the area surrounding the Caneiro de Côja river beach for some much-appreciated shade during the hot summer months. On the right bank of the Alva river an old mill has been restored, now housing a restaurant and bar with a terrace. Another terraced bar can be found on the opposite side of the river that opens during bathing season.

Praia Fluvial de Avô

Here, you find the well-known Ilha do Picoto, with its pleasant picnic area.

Beach bathed by the river Alva and the river Pomares. The two water courses divide to form the well-known Ilha do Picoto, with its pleasant picnic area.

This beach is formed by two dams in the area surrounding the island, with a pedestrian crossing point, a children’s pool supplied with river water, grassy areas, picnic facilities, changing rooms and pedestrian areas.

The river beaches can be reached within a 10 to 30 minute drive from Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

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