Visit Coja, the princess of the Alva, a cosy and small historical village near to the river Alva

This traditional Portuguese village is the ideal gateway to continue exploring the environments. It is lovely to spend time under the plane trees on the main square. There are terraces, shops, restaurants… In summer, there is a fair amount of tourists near the river, but there is certainly no mass tourism.

Coja, the Princess of Alva River, a true charm in the interior of Portugal. From remote origins, with traces of Roman and Muslim civilizations and with an incomparable natural surroundings, make this a privileged beirã area.

Entitled by poets and painters like “Alva Princess”, this village is located on the two banks of the River Alva and at the confluence of Ribeira da Mata. Rich in natural beauty, it is a place of passage for those who want to know the beauty that the mountain area contains.

Côja River Beach

The construction of a reservoir on the River Alva made it possible to create this river beach. In addition to sunbathing, activities such as canoeing, pedal boating, and sport fishing are also possible. In the surroundings, you will find a bar, a restaurant, and a terrace.

Several mountainbike trails like: Cyclin’Portugal Centre of Açor Mountain – Coja (P31 – Green)

This is an easy course to do, and can be done in less than an hour, which makes it ideal for beginners or those with a low level of endurance.

The route crosses some narrow streets of Coja, towards the Roman Bridge where the hike begins, through dirt paths, towards the Valley’s Park. At this point, the route follows the limit of the urban perimeter of Coja, close to the airfeld and the area of the old ceramic industries. Going around this area, the route then inflects to the east (E) towards Quinta dos Vales, afterwards crossing the Gândara area. At this location, the approach to Coja begins, descending through a paved way up to the interior of this village. The crossing of the village is done through ancient streets, passing by the parish centre and the library towards the agricultural area using the way of the Lady of the River (“Senhora da Ribeira”) and following a narrow path that goes alongside a “levada” (human-made water channel) up to the end at Prado’s Park.

The village of Coja can be reached within a 25 minute drive from Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

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