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Activities nearby Quinta da Palmeira, just a 10 to 30 minutes drive:


  • Waterfalls at the protected landscape Fraga da Pena » Discover
  • Hiking in Mata da Margaraça, a nature reserve of 350 hectares » Discover
  • Visit Piódão, one of the most beautiful historic villages in Portugal » Discover
  • Visit Foz d’Égua sanctuary, a lost village in the middle of an almost wild nature. » Discover
  • Visit the Schist Villages in the Serra do Açor. » Discover
    A land of immense beauty offering a unique experience in nature, it is one of the region’s best kept secrets » Discover
  • Go on an Alpaca Trek through the magnificent landscapes » Discover
  • Horse riding through villages, woods and on the banks of the River Alva » Discover
  • Hiking in Serra do Açor. In addition, you can practise mountain biking, canoeing, aquatic hiking and climbing » Discover
  • Swimming, enjoying the sun and relax in the many river beaches in Rio Alva » Discover
  • Visit Coja, the princess of the Alva, a cosy and small historical village near to the river Alva. » Discover
  • Or… just relax at the pool in our beautiful garden with many seats and enjoy the breathtaking view over the village and the valley.
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