Skiing in the winter in the Serra da Estrela with an altitude of 1993m

Considering Serra da Estrela for skiing holidays?

If Portugal is typically a country of sun, warmth and beach, in winter it can also be a country of snow and sports of the season. Why not enjoy the cold in the best way? Among amateurs and professionals, the central massif is filled at this time of year with snow lovers, who invent ways to make it a source of fun. Enjoying a huge blanket of snow is simply magical, especially for those who cannot spend a winter without experiencing the adrenaline rush of descending the most varied mountains. In Portugal, Serra da Estrela is ideal for those who want to get started on skiing or snowboarding, or else to “kill them longing” to ski so close, as this mountain is the only place in the country where it is possible to practice skiing, sledding, snowboarding or other snow related activities. There are several pistes with support infrastructures and synthetic snow pistes, which allow skiing at any time of the year. It is a case of saying “go outside in here”!


With so much snow in winter, you can enjoy this fun and challenging sport in Serra da Estrela. The operating season of the skiing tracks is usually between January and March, being February the best for practice.

At the municipality of Seia is the Vodafone Ski Resort, a small ski resort near the Tower, the highest point in mainland Portugal, about 20 km from Covilhã. This station has about 9 ski tracks with a total of 7.7 miles, considered ideal for beginner skiers but also has some tracks for more advanced skiers.

In Ski Parque, located in the municipality of Manteigas, you’ll find an ideal resort for skiing and snowboarding. This park has synthetic tracks for practicing such activities throughout the year, as well as monitors so you can learn / improve your skills.

The entrance of the national park Serra da Estrela can be reached within a 45 minute drive from Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.





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