Best Portugal Hotel

Best Portugal Hotel

Lisbon? Been there. Porto? Done that. Soo choose one of Portugal’s best countryside hotels in the district of Coimbra: Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

Lisbon and Porto have obvious charms. But now, as Portugal is having its moment in the spotlight, need to go beyond the cities. The country is dotted with rustic farmhouses-turned-very comfortable retreats. These are places to slow way down, appreciate rugged nature and rigorously simple design, and feel at home.

Skip well-trodden tourist routes and head into Portugal’s vast and verdant countryside. Choose one of the best Portugal hotels beyond the capital, an under-the-radar Portuguese hotel to bed down in: Quinta da Palmeira – Country House Retreat & Spa.

Feel very welcome to stay at Quinta da Palmeira when visiting Portugal. It can be for the entire holiday, or just a stopover. We are known for our hospitality and beautiful location. The nature around Quinta da Palmeira is beautiful, but you get the best service from us as well. You always sleep in a clean room and the main residence is well maintained, unlike many hotels. With us you can enjoy a cosy and peaceful atmosphere, just like you would with a boutique hotel in Portugal. Moreover, you will also be able to enjoy the tastiest breakfast you can find anywhere. The dishes we serve are made with ingredients from our own garden. We also have a wine cellar with the most delicious wines. Curious?

Introducing Portugal

Like the drink that bears its name, Portugal is best savoured slowly. In the north you’ll find remote country retreats, the vineyard-dotted slopes of the Douro Valley and the UNESCO world-heritage site of Oporto. As you head south, there are historic cities such as Coimbra and Lisbon to discover, as well as lesser-known gems hidden in the countryside. Finally, you reach the sun-strewn Algarve with its African influences, world-class golf and spas.


Coimbra is living proof that a city thousands of years old can feel perpetually young. The large student population give the area a vibrancy and energy all of its own, and you’ll find music and parties to enjoy amongst the stunning architecture. Wander the banks of the Mondego for a river’s eye view of Coimbra by day. Then enjoy a fine dining, before heading back to one of Portugal’s best countryside hotels.

Things to do


Coimbra is a town with a sparkling spirit and it exudes energy. If you’re here during September, you’ll see the ‘Tin Can Festival’, which welcomes students back for another year. And the huge ‘Burning of the Ribbons’ festival lasts a week long in May.


The Portuguese music known as Fado hails from both Lisbon and Coimbra. Both are subtly different, soo why not get to know the latter version while you’re here? You may even hear strains of a guitar and passionate singing from some local buildings.



Coimbra contains a fascinating mixture of buildings from different eras. The aqueduct hails back to Roman times, there are magnificent Renaissance buildings in the University and the cathedral is a superb example of Romanesque architecture. But you’ll find stylish, modern buildings here too.

On you way back to Quinta da Palmeira, your best luxury countryside hotel in Portugal, it´s for sure, a special and safe destination, where you´ll feel at home. Soo come and enjoy unique moments and when you leave, we know you will come back!

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